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Mom & Family

Nicholas at 13

Nicholas became a teenager today. It’s such an odd title to give to a newborn, but everyone assures me that time has really moved this quickly. There are so many details about Nicholas right now, at this particular moment. He watches a million YouTube videos about games, he video chats with his friends and they…

Mom & Family

Go, Argonauts!

I only knew about the University of West Florida because my mom and them live in Pensacola, where the main campus of UWF is located. I didn’t intend to attend, in fact, I’d been accepted to all of the other universities to which I’d applied and fully intended to go to the University of Texas…

Mom & Family

Step Up White People

Hi. When you were a kid, hearing stories about genocides like the Holocaust, did you ever wonder what you would have done? Would you have been someone who stood up to the hate groups? Would you have be someone who didn’t worry about it because it wasn’t impacting your life? Or, would you have been…

Hey FRIENDS! I’m SHerry!

I’m so happy you’re here!

I’ve been sharing my life on the internet, in some way or another, for nearly 16 years (who’s throwing my Sweet 16?!?) If you’re here, you might have found my cookies. Or you might have run across old blogs (RIP Paper, Scissors, Keyboard). Or we could be friends on social. Regardless, you’re here now and I’m so glad! Here I’ll share stories, talk about products I am trying, or share baking (mis)adventures. I can’t wait to get to know you and really overshare as often as I can.