Memorial Day 2009

We’re a military family. My Grandpa retired as a Chief Petty Officer from the Navy, where he earned a Silver Star during WWII for saving fellow sailors after their ship was torpedoed. My Grandma is a Navy wife (I think that spouses are just as much in the service of the military as their husbands or wives are). My father and two uncles were also sailors. My aunt and her youngest son are ex-Marines and her oldest son is a Marine. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are both Captains in the Marine Corp, and my other brother-in-law is in the Coast Guard. My younger sister is in the Army National Guard. We are most definitely a military family.

I am the most liberal of my cousins in all things political, but the one place none of us differ is supporting the women and men who defend our nation. It is an amazing thing for me when I see someone volunteer to join a branch of the armed forces, especially now in an active time of war. While it wasn’t a choice I made, one that wasn’t right for me, I am always grateful for those people who make that choice.

And I pray every day that we get to continue to celebrate them on Veterans Day without having to celebrate them on Memorial Day. For those who have fought and died, and their families, you are all in my prayers today. Thank you.

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