Using My Stash!

It’s a personal challenge, not one from anyone’s site, but one that I will complete this week! I have done all of Nicholas’ scrapbooks chronologically, by birth year. I’m almost done with his fourth year, which was the year from June 2008 (just after turning 3) to June 2009 (ending with his 4th birthday). I have about five more layouts to do, and I’ll be done! I will finish those during the coming week, and I won’t buy anything to do it! That’s right, I’m working on my stash. Because you know it’s bad when you’re going through your paper and you find unopened packages that have new paper and embellishments inside!

To recap, this week I will:

1. Finish the remaining layouts for N’s fourth year,
2. Use only my current supplies to complete those layouts.

After that? I’ll start the photos from N’s 4th birthday to his 5th birthday…and then I’ll start Tobin’s book! Stay tuned!

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