Thankful for Boys

I thought I would have daughters. All of my cousins have daughters, and while I have one brother, the people in my family just seem to have girls. I had no scientific reason for thinking I’d have daughters, I just assumed I would. I’ve been naming future daughters in my head since I was in junior high school. It’s probably better I didn’t have daughters as “Sterling Penny” and “America Freedom” aren’t as pretty as I once thought they were.

I have boys. Two beautiful, snuggly, smart, hysterical boys. I am thankful every day for those two precious beings, and I thank God every day that he gave them to me. I play with their sweet toes and smell their little heads and try to freeze the moment in my mind so that I can continue to be thankful for them when they are stinky teenagers who don’t want to be snuggled. I am so thankful for my boys.

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  1. its some serious magical stuff going on there. I cherish my daugter – i do. I love being able to do girly things with her but i cant lie, my son knows how to tug on my heart strings and can play me like a fiddle.

    1. Sunshine~While I still hope to have a girl one day, I know that these sweet boys will have a special place in my heart.

  2. Oh my goodness, they are getting so big! I love my boys (and girl) too. I feel that children where given to us as much to help us grow as we are to help them grow.

    1. Kami~Thanks for posting! I believe the same thing. I know I am a much better person as a mother than I ever was before the boys came to me.

  3. Funny – I always thought I would have a girl first. In my mom’s family for generations the first born was a girl. I just assumed I would follow suit. Like you I had my daughters named since I was 10 or so. I have never needed those names and to be honest until my mom died I never minded not having a girl. I miss that I will not have the mother-daughter relationship that I had with my mom but I would not trade my boys in for the world. I hear all the time – 3 boys – God bless you – you must have really wanted a girl. Nope and I would willingly have another if I did not have rough pregnancies and have boy #4. Boys are great and some days it is nice to be the “Queen” in the house. We are surely blessed.

    1. Kathleen~Thanks for your comment. It’s funny, isn’t it, how will think our lives will go when we’re younger. We’re almost always wrong! I’m with you, I love my little guys 🙂

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