Thankful for Mom (and Happy Birthday)

I am thankful for my Mom, Wilma. Mom is pretty awesome. I could write a book about her awesomeness, but I’ll give you a list instead.

• She takes in strays, be they animal or human.
• She is kind, even when you don’t deserve the kindness.
• She has pretty brown/gold/hazel eyes.
• She has soft hands that are always really warm.
• She tells great stories.
• She is a really good hugger.
• She is infinitely patient when my boys “talk” with her on the phone.
• She hates that we live so far from her.
• She is proud of all of her kids and grandkids, even if they aren’t hers by birth.
• She likes to read.
• She dressed up as a witch and came to my elementary school to teach about Halloween safety.
• She took really good care of my Grandma, even when my Grandma was especially mean spirited.
• She can tell you the story behind every ornament on her Christmas tree.
• She makes friends with everyone.
• She can carry a conversation with anyone.
• She makes great fried fish.
• She loves the beach.
• She laughs a lot.
• She filled our home with the spirit of whichever holiday was at hand.
• She and I had a picnic on the hood of her car on the T-heads. The seagulls cut the picnic short.
• Even when there are hundreds of miles between us, I feel Mom with me.
• If you are lucky enough to know Mom, then you are loved.

I’m thankful to be the daughter of this woman. Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you!

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  1. How lucky I am to have such a wonderful Daughter as my Sherry. She is an angel on earth. Thank you my baby, for being my daughter. You have given me 2 of the most precious gifts in the world, my grandsons. I love you in a circle..O..forever and ever. Momma

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