Thankful for Time

Today I am thankful for the time I had with Mark. He and I grew up together and we created an amazing son. I wish Mark had had more time with Nicholas, and I know that he watches over Nicholas now. I am thankful for the love that Mark gave me, the patience I learned while we were together, and the relationship skills I acquired in my 10 years as his wife. I am thankful for our 14 years together through the rough times and the calm ones. His body gave up the fight five years ago today, but his spirit remains strong. I am thankful for Mark.

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  1. I am thankful for the time we had with Mark. His love and humor are some of my best memories. The love that he showed Nicholas in the short time he had was astounding. His off the wall humor would catch me of guard many times!
    Mark will always be part of my life. We know he is watching over Nicholas.
    As Nana’s big man said “He is my Daddy in heaven and William is my new daddy”. How blessed we are for having both of the men in our lives.
    Love you My Baby Girl

  2. Just discovered your blog tonight thanks to a post by Widville. Love your words and your positive spirit. Sounds like we are on the same track, loss wise. My husband died five years ago this month and we were together 15 years total. He was just a fantastic person and he truly left me nothing but good, including two great kids. He wasn’t perfect and neither was our marriage, but he was great and so was our partnership. Glad to have discovered you. Your blog is terrific and I want to explore all the different parts some more. Thanks for your words.

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    1. Jill~I’m glad you found me! And thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad that you have such strong and loving memories of your husband and your time together. It looks like we began this journey around the same time (both the relationship and the widowhood). I hope you come back to visit!

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