Scrapping: Soup Swap Recipe Cards & Jars

Recipe Cards & Card Covers
These are the really fun recipe cards and decorated jars I made for the Soup Swap I attended on Saturday night. Thanks again to the awesome Rachel for hosting! We needed to give the recipe for the soup we made, and I was excited to use some of my cooking-themed embellishments. I didn’t want to overly-embellish the recipe card itself in case someone wanted to just put it in a box or binder, so I made a little cover that the card could be slipped out of. My favorite part of the whole project was the little soup pot brad I used to keep the recipe card cover fastened.

Jar Tags
We were supposed to put the soup in a freezable container, but I couldn’t resist the quart-sized mason jars! I needed to mark the jar with the name of the soup, but I didn’t want to do anything permanent, so I tied them with a ribbon and made a little tag. It was a good way to use some of my scraps of ribbon and the scraps of cardstock left from the recipe cards.

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