Widow Wednesday: Intro

I feel as if there are a couple of different groups of you guys. You know, the three of you who read my posts. It seems that some of you found me because of my life as a parent and the others because of my experience as a widow. It also seems that the two groups may not always overlap. So, in an effort to categorize my posts even more than I already do (I think I may have a problem with making lists, it may take an intervention to help), I’m borrowing the title of “Widow Wednesdays.”

I got the idea for Widow Wednesdays from a fellow widow(er) Abel Keogh who writes a weekly column called Widower Wednesday. He let me borrow the title, thanks Abel!

Anyway, I am going to shoot for having my posts that are mostly about widow-ey topics happen on Wednesdays. Or it will be one of the many ideas I think are good and then completely forget to follow after a couple of times. One of those.

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  1. I love reading everything you write Sherry! I also love your ideas and how you area ‘list’ maker like me.

  2. New widow….I’m 43….my hubby died 2 weeks ago (next week he’d be 53). I so don’t like this….and I find myself talking to pictures of him… We just had our 19th anniversary in Jan. I miss my best friend.

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    1. Karla~I am so, so sorry for your husband’s death. I know how you’re feeling, and please reach out when you need to talk. Also, I found a book called The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion to be very helpful for me after my first husband died. It’s Ms. Didion’s memoir of the time after her husband died and it’s not a self-help kind of book, but it really helped me feel not quite so crazy. Thanks for coming by.

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