Distracting: Home Accessories

One of my favorite magazines is Real Simple, and one of the things I love to see it in is their choice of home accessories. The mark of a successful (for me) magazine is the number of pages I rip out to keep. The January issue had 12 rippable pages! Here are a few of the things I liked…

Ochre’s Artic Pear Chandelier/Lamp
Oh my gosh, how cool is this lamp? So cool, that’s how much! I love the naked bulbs and the simplicity (although it might be hard to find bulbs in a decade or so).

Versailles Domed Chair
I also ripped out the page that has very pretty chair on it. I was surprised I liked it, I’m not one for stately chairs; but, I really like the dome, it’s a cool and surprising touch.

David wood foot sculpture
This “bust” cracked me up and it would definitely make an interesting conversation piece. You can see David’s big ol’ foot at www.arteriorshome.com

One day, when we have a space big enough to have some interesting pieces, I’ll splurge for some. For now, I’ll keep ripping pages out of magazines and filing them away!

Where are your favorite places to look at (or buy) home accessories? Any blogs you love? Websites that are go-to for shopping?

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