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Hopes for 2011 January Update

Back at the beginning of January, I told you all the 10 things I hoped to do more of in 2011. I thought, in an effort to be accountable to myself, I’d update how I’m doing each month. So, here is how I did in January.

Feel 16 again. The only thing I’ve done for this one (which is really my fitness hope for the year) is to make some doctor’s appointments that will make exercising and getting healthy easier. That’s progress, right?

Don’t over-commit. This one is a goal I have to remind myself of pretty often. I have said no a couple of times though!

Drink more! I’m doing better on getting water into my daily routine. And I’m doing a lot better about avoiding diet soda (which is a lot harder for me than drinking water). I have a long way to go on this one though.

Budget. We’ve done a few things to work on our budget including going back through old check registers to really see where our money goes. What an eye-opener that one was! We’ve already gotten our taxes done and we get to pay off some debt. I’m so stinkin’ excited!

Give. Thanks to my friend, Rachel, we have already given to the Corpus Christi Food Bank this year. I’ve also done some research to see just what we want to focus our giving on.

Get Green. The main way we’ve done this is to stop drinking soda. I know it doesn’t sound like a huge step, but we were drinking tons of cans and not always recycling them, so by avoiding them altogether I feel like we aren’t dumping so much. The other thing we stopped doing was buying bottled water because we weren’t doing a great job about recycling the bottles. Instead we bought some metal bottles for the fridge. Little steps.

Follow directions. This goal mainly goes toward being compliant with my medications. I’m doing soooo much better with this! I haven’t been checked out to see how big an impact it’s made, but I’m proud of remembering to pop those pills!

Scrap. I still haven’t caught up with N’s book or started Tobin’s book; but, I have scrapped in January! I finished N’s 4th book (which makes me only one year behind for him). I’ve organized the digital photos for T’s book, and gotten some papers to start his soon.

Write. I’ve sucked at this one. That is all.

Remove distractions. I’m super happy with this update. So far I’ve cleaned out Nicholas’ closet, organized our closet, cleaned out our books (and sold what we didn’t want to keep), canceled a subscription to a magazine that I wasn’t reading but was driving me crazy because I wasn’t reading it, and William and I spent a full day opening every box in our storage unit to see what we have. We aren’t quite done with the storage unit but the progress is awesome and we’ll be able to go down to a smaller unit (saving us money for our budget). I love this hope!

How are you guys doing? If you made resolutions are you sticking to them? If not, have you started doing anything this year to make your world better?

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  1. I have one goal this year, I HOPE to run a half marathon by the end of this year. I am still doing the couch to 5K program, currently on week 4 out of 9. I am eager to finally run the 3.2mi all together. In addition to the running I have been exercising soooo much more and that makes me happy. I have loss a few pounds but it still fluctuating. I did just start a weight loss program today so hopefully there will be more progress to report in a week or two.

    Water is real hard for me too but Coke is not good for me. I’m allowing myself one a day, mostly because I have gone through the caffeine withdrawals and my headaches are bad enough without the added stress of taking my biggest vice.

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