Conversations with Nicholas, Mattress Edition

Nicholas: “Mom, I have a pain in my stomach.”

Mom: “Are you okay? Do you think you ate too much at dinner?”

Nicholas: “No. I think I need a new mattress. I think I need the Sleep Number mattress.”

Mom: “Huh?”

Nicholas: “Those people on the commercial all have pains in their backs, and needed a Sleep Number mattress.”

Mom: “Okaaay?”

Nicholas: “Mommy, I sleep on my stomach. I have a pain in my stomach. I need a Sleep Number mattress. I think I’m a 100.”

Mom: “I think you’re watching too much television.”

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  1. Awesome – I love it. My son knows the ENTIRE voice over for the OFF personal insect repellent commercial. Maybe they can work together one day doing jingles…

    1. They would be incredible writing partners! Especially since their parents let them watch so much television…I mean do so much research 🙂

    1. Dawn~I hope you’ve subscribed to the RSS feed so that you can tell me I’m awesome on every post. I heart you!

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