Penguins, Turtles and Chicken, Oh My!

A few of the Animal Ambassadors from SeaWorld San Antonio came to our town a few weeks ago (yes, I meant to write the post then, but had technical difficulties). They did the morning show scene and in the evening stopped by the Chick-fil-A for the community to get up close to the animals. Luckily my friend, Kami, told me about the stop so we all piled into the car and headed to town!

Although Tobin wasn’t all that impressed with the animals, Nicholas thought they were pretty darn cool. He got to hang out with Spike the Alligator Snapping Turtle and with two Magellanic Penguins.

Spike is a good example of responsible pet ownership. He was found in a river (where he’s supposed to live) and a family picked him up to become a pet. They quickly realized he wasn’t meant to be a pet and took him to Sea World to live with them. He’s an animal ambassador now, but I’m guessing he would have been just as happy living in the river where he came from.

Penguins! Who doesn’t love penguins, especially when you get to pet them?! Nicholas said the sweet penguins were much softer than he thought they would be, and he was very excited to get to use knowledge he’d learned from his kindergarten teacher during the Q&A session with the animal trainers.

Thanks to SeaWorld San Antonio’s wonderful staff, especially Tricia and Angie, for bringing the animals down, being so patient with all of the questions they were asked, and giving the kids a memorable evening! Keep an eye out on the SeaWorld San Antonio Facebook page for announcements of fun events in your community. At the end, Tobin seemed to have a question.

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