Conversations with Nicholas: Finding Your Spouse Edition

Hanging out with Nicholas the other night before bed he asked me, “Mommy? How will I find the person I need to marry?”

Me: Well, there are a lot of ways to meet the person you would like to marry.

N: But how will I know they are the right person? Never mind, I think I know.

Me: You do? How?

N: Well, here are the important things…You need to not pick someone who is too old, because you don’t want to lose them too soon.

Me: <in my head> Baby, I’m so sorry you are thinking about losing your spouse when you are five years old…<out loud> Well, being pretty close to the same age can be good.

N: I think you should also look for someone who doesn’t have on a wedding ring.

Me: Good idea.

N: Also? It’s very important to marry someone who likes Mario Bros. because I’m still going to be into video games when I grow up. Just like Daddy is still into video games.

Me: It is important that you like some of the same things that your spouse likes.

N: Maybe the person I marry should have a house with lots of Mario posters too. Like my room.


And that, my friends, is the criteria for the person you should marry. Now you know.


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  1. I love My Big Man. He has pretty good ideas and it sounds well thought out for a 5 yr. old. The picture is wowzer!

  2. Ok, that just ROCKS! I love this age — 5/6 year olds have a GREAT view on life. Soren says the most amazing insightful things too. I think that is why we have kids — to really put it into perspective. xo, Jen

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