Handmade Robot Thank You Notes

I really appreciate thank-you notes, there is something really nice about getting a thank-you note after someone has done something thoughtful for you. I try really hard to send them out after gifts are given, and I’m trying to make it a habit for my boys.

These are some fun cards I made for the gifts that were given to Tobin for his first birthday. I really like these cards because I was able to use scraps to make them and left-over gift tags from the goody bags to decorate them. Recycling for the win!


  • Metallic card stock that I bought about 4 years ago for a single holiday layout (not my smartest purchase).
  • Lime-green card stock strips that are scraps from our wedding program two years ago,
  • Patterned paper scraps from the banner I made for Tobin’s party,
  • Scotch double-sided tape (my favorite adhesive), and
  • Tiny 3D pop-up dots.

This is a simple card, but I love that it is theme-binding from the party, that I didn’t buy any new products to make them, and that I got them out to the gift givers within a week of the party!

What is your favorite way to say thank you for a gift or a thoughtful gesture? Do you think it’s necessary to give thank-you notes?


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  1. Your Mom is the worst ever about sending TYN. I appreciate a phone call. That way I can hear the voices of family and friends. Maybe I am a wee bit lazy, ya think?

    1. Mom~You are so not lazy! I like phone calls too. I think I may be partial to notes because I like getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill…

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