My Birthday-Easter Combo

We had such a great weekend! The great thing about my birthday falling on Easter is that I’m pretty much guaranteed that my whole family will be there to celebrate. So, here’s the recap of my wonderful Easter birthday. It started with three cute boys (one grown, two still growing) wishing me a Happy Easter while tackling me in bed (including a very slobbery kiss from the littlest one). Then Nicholas enjoyed digging through his Easter basket and helping Tobin with his basket. The University of Texas-themed chocolate bunnies were a hit (because they were chocolate as neither boy cared at all what was on the package). Then I got my gift from William and the boys, a sweet onsie charm for my charm bracelet (to mark T’s birth…I have a rocking-horse for N’s birth).

Eventually we headed to Grandma’s where the rest of our day went like this…

Chocolate Bunny Easter shirts FTW! From my talented friends at 2 Mamas Tees.










Cascarones! I just got the last of the confetti out of my hair tonight. I think.










Smashing Innocent Rabbits for their sweet insides! Our rabbit was lined with Spanish-language newspaper. My friend got a bigger pinata from the same stand. Hers was lined with Spanish-language nudey girl pictures. True story.









The Mighty Egg Hunter! One of them at least.








My blessings. True story.








Sometimes you need help blowing out the candles (and keeping an eye on the ceiling, apparently).









It was the perfect Birthday-Easter combo. What was your favorite part of the Easter holidays this year?


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