Conversations with Nicholas: Sweetest Big Brother Ever Edition

Both the boys are getting over having been sick for a couple of weeks (not sequentially, but with some overlap). Basically, our home had the plague for a couple of weeks. N first got sick with an asthma flair up and that was the first part of the sweetest-big-brother-ever conversation.

Nicholas came in to our room at 5:00 in the morning having a very hard time breathing so we ran to his room to set up a nebulizer treatment. After he told me how scared he was and that he couldn’t breathe because it felt like someone was sitting on his chest, he said,

N: “Mommy, maybe we shouldn’t do the treatment.”
Me: “Why, honey, you know you need it.”
N: “Because <gasp> the machine <gasp> is so loud <gasp> it might wake Tobin.”

Needless to say, he got the treatment, but we did shut the door to his bedroom while we did it.

N’s next part of the conversation was when he was laying on the couch with a wicked stomach bug, and he said,

N: “Mommy, Tobin shouldn’t touch me.”
Me: “Why?”
N: “Because I’m sick and we don’t want Tobin to get my disease.”

See? Sweetest big brother ever. And I have to write this stuff down just in case they don’t like each other as teenagers. I need proof of the love.

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  1. Awe, this makes me teary. There was no love like this with my siblings growing up. Makes me all the more with that my boys will be just as sweet towards each other.

  2. So sweet. “N” has shown a special side of himself since he was an infant. He is very in tune with his feeling and the feelings of others. There have been special smiles at unexpected times, certain words of kindness, many actions and words that are sooo funny. I know these things because I have seen, felt and been on the recieving end of his tremendous love. Nana and Grampa love their big little man.

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