Freeze Frame!

I wish I could freeze time for the boys right this second.  Right this second when they are both healthy and strong. There isn’t a virus in sight, no vomit or boogers or poo (oh my!). Both of them are breathing easy and can run and play and jump and tumble.

I wish I could freeze this time in their relationship when they are so in love with each other. With a few exceptions here and there, Nicholas thinks that Tobin is awesome. He loves his little brother so much and is so happy to have him around. N wants to hold T and hug him and squeeze him and play with him. And Tobin’s favorite place in the world is playing on Nicholas’ bed with him. The most perfect moment for them is when N is making T laugh (it’s pretty perfect for the parents too).

I wish I could freeze this moment when the boys are happy to just be with each other. I want to remember this when they are fighting over bigger things than just who gets to hold the Luigi doll.

I wish I could freeze this age for Tobin when he is learning something every second and there is so much delight and wonder. I love this time when Tobin wants to snuggle in my arms to fall asleep at night. I love this size when he is already becoming so independent but is still small enough to be swept up in our arms and swung around with ease.

I wish I could freeze this age for Nicholas when he had a wonderful school year and is completely sure that he is smart and school is great. I love watching him reading and asking us to add numbers for him. I love to see him transforming from little boy to big boy as his face narrows, his legs lengthen and the slight bit of baby chub he had melts away. I’m so glad he still folds himself onto my lap for snuggles.

My friend, Christie, had her oldest daughter a couple of years before I had Nicholas. She said one day that she thought she’d have a favorite age for her kids (that she’d like it better when they were babies or toddlers or big girls). Instead, she found that her favorite age was the age her daughters were right that second. I have to agree. I love to look back on Nicholas as a baby or even Tobin just a year ago, but the age they are right this second? That’s the age I want to freeze.

Do you have a favorite age for your kids? Or maybe a favorite phase?

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  1. Love this Sherry!!!
    There are times I wish I could freeze time at where the boys are. But then I remember all the things Charissa did as she got older, and the boys are going to get to experience them together. Little League, soccer, learning to ride a two wheeler without training wheels.

    Now, of course I’d like to turn back time with Charissa, she grew up too fast.

    1. That is exactly what it is. I know that I will love doing all the grown up stuff (and everything in between), but they are so stinkin’ cute and sweet right now!

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