Our Hand-Crafted Wedding

I love weddings where you can see the couple in every touch. Where there isn’t anything that doesn’t have their stamp on it. I also love handmade things and I love Etsy. Having access to talented people all over the world with just a few keystrokes has changed the way I buy artsy fartsy items. I am also lucky to have crafty friends and family!

I knew when we started planning our wedding that I wanted it to be very personal, and I thought that using as many hand-crafted items as possible would be a great way to do it. So, even thought it’s been two years since we got married, I thought I’d share all the ways we made our wedding “ours”. You might as well leave now if you don’t want to see a million (amazing) pictures. If you do want to see all the pictures, thank Travis and Christina with Rebel With A Camera photography for their amazing talent on our wedding day!

The wedding was the Saturday before Easter on my husband’s grandmother’s ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Part of the reason we picked the date was because it’s peak wildflower time. We, however, got married in the middle of a drought and were very happy that we had grass and not just dirt. The reception was in a great community building on the lake and was perfect for our family-centered reception.

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In case you want to connect with any of the wonderful people who helped make our wedding so great, here is a list:

I hope you all enjoyed the recap of our wedding…well, of all the stuff that made the wedding “ours”. There are so many other things I could tell you about like the music (The Beatles and Queen), my Wedding Fairy (Lauren) who helped keep me sane, the slide show of engagement photos we had running during the reception, the photo of my new brother-in-law’s naked butt in the photo booth; but, this post was just about stuff. I’ll tell you about all the other special things another time. What was your favorite thing about your wedding or your favorite thing about weddings in general?

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  1. I love, love, love all the details in your wedding. I know it was exhausting pulling it all together, but you did a fabulous job. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Ellen! One of the main reasons we had a year-long engagement was so we could do so many personal things without killing ourselves.

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