My Mom Moves Part I

I have some wicked moves. Since I have had kids I have developed moves that rival the greatest martial artist. Or at least other parents. The following moves are all about soothing the baby or getting the baby to sleep (I’ll write another one about my other Ninja moves next week). Let me describe and you be the judge.

The Shuffle
I do The Shuffle every day. I break it out when the baby is almost asleep and I am trying to get him to his crib without rousing him. The key to The Shuffle is walking as smoothly as possible and you can *not* pick up your feet. Sort of like walking in to beach water so you don’t disturb sting rays.

The Two Step
The Two Step is very similar to The Shuffle, and has the same purpose. The Two Step is necessary when you have settled the baby by swaying. The Two Step extends the sway by doing a big-step-together, big-step-together combo, until you get to the crib. You must end The Two Step by continuing the sway more and more slowly until you can safely put the baby down.

The Sway
The Sway is probably my most subconscious Mom Move. I Sway even when I just see someone else swaying with a baby. I don’t even need to be holding a baby to do The Sway. The Sway may also incorporate The Bounce.

The Bounce
The Bounce is another classic. Baby on your hip and jiggle up and down. This one is best used for simple calming, not so much putting a baby to sleep.

The Deer In The Headlights
The Deer In The Headlights is a very specific move. The DITH happens when I’ve put the baby down, I believe him to be asleep, but he shifts or makes a noise as I’m still bent over from having put him in the crib. That is with you DITH. If you move while he’s stirring, even if it’s to breathe, you risk waking him and having to start all over. The DITH is a *very* important move to master.

So what are your moves?

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    1. Thanks for coming by Gloria! It’s funny the things we do to adapt to getting our kids relaxed and sleeping!

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