Birthday Party Fun ~ Office Edition!

My colleagues and I? We really like each other a lot. We have a small department (only 7 of us), and when one of us has a birthday we do a little something. Recently, our fearless leader (and fabulous friend) had a big birthday (I’m leaving the number out here on purpose), so I got to do a little decorating too!

Like most office shin-digs, this one had to be minimal in the decorating, and fast to put together. Luckily Michele cooperated by having a meeting in the morning so we were able to do a few things before she came in and surprise her.

Office Decorations
I saw the idea for these fun Zig Zag Accordion Streamers on Pinterest and thought they’d be good for her office. I used zebra-print (black/white and black/pink) 12×12 craft paper, cut in half to make the streamers. The streamers took about 20 minutes to cut the night before (there is a how-to on the link) and I’ll definitely be using the technique again. We added balloons to the ends of these, but I love the look either way. They were fun decorations for her office that made an impact but weren’t too labor or time intensive (and were easy to clean up).















Treat Table
We kept with the pink and zebra-print theme everywhere. We used her initial because it was all about her the whole day. I had the vases and added the ribbon using Glue Dots and the “M” in the middle was a vinyl letter I got at Hobby Lobby and adhered to a piece of white card stock.  I also got the cupcake monograms and the zebra-print tray from Hobby Lobby. We put a black table covering over our conference table and filled it with treats on pretty plates and in pretty bowls.









None of it was a huge effort, but it was fun, it was a surprise and it made us all happy to celebrate our friend. And the cupcakes were pretty dang good too. We were all happy that German Chocolate Cake is Michele’s favorite!


How do you decorate for a small space on a tight budget? Do you do little office parties? I need ideas for next year!

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  1. Ya’ll just have too much fun!!! Did you save me a cupcake? You are just to very crafty. love to all..mmmwwwaaaaaaa

    1. We do have fun! We have to because we work so hard! And the cupcakes were either eaten then or taken to other offices for later 🙂

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