Goodbye, Dear Friend

You have been my constant companion for six years. You helped me when my children were sick, you held me when I couldn’t sleep, you entertained the kids for hours at a time, you kept my feet and ankles slightly less swollen than they might have been otherwise during T’s pregnancy,  and so much more. And pretty, you were (still are) so pretty.  I can’t believe we have to say goodbye; but, the hours of hard work and love you put in will never be forgotten. Never.

You will be missed, dear friend, you will be missed.

Old Faithful

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  1. Amazing how a chair can be sentimental, huh? I am sitting in Kevin’s recliner typing this. His cousin bought it for him just for when he was ill, so the impact on his skin would be less. I almost gave it up just over a year ago for the *perfect* chair, but I guess it wasn’t so perfect because when I went back to buy it, it was gone. Cheers to you recliner!

    1. Brenda~It’s funny that you bring up Kevin, because the reason I was able to get this chair was because some incredible friends (and strangers) raised money for Nicholas and me after Mark died. For a couple of years after he died, I thought of Mark every time I sat in it. I was sad to see it go, but it was beyond repair. I don’t like the new one nearly as well.

    1. I know! That chair kept me sane when we lived in SA and N was so sick with allergies. And then it did the same thing here when T was so congested after he was born. I hope someone else can revive it!

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