I’m baaaack!

Hopefully someone noticed I hadn’t written in a while. Between it being “that time of the year” for me and life, I just didn’t make time to come over here. But, I’m back. You can all rest easy now! Because I have lots of minutiae to share. That’s right, I just used “minutiae”. Aren’t you glad I’m back?

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  1. Hey Sherry, I was drawn to your website because you have widow on your profile on twitter. I guess you’re really a “former widow” since you’re remarried again. I too, was a a widow and have been remarried for 2 years. I think widows need to read more stories like ours, to know that joy CAN come back. Congratulations! Cindy

    1. Cindy ~ Thanks so much for visiting! I am so fortunate that life has taken the turn it has (and I’ve made the choices I’ve made). It sounds like you’ve been blessed too!

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