Results and Recap: Hopes for 2011

For 2011, instead of resolutions, I made a list of hopes for myself. Some of them I realized, some I didn’t, but I thought I’d recap!

Ten Things I Hope For in 2011

1. Feel 16 again. This was my fitness hope. This one was a challenge for me in 2011. I messed up my Achilles tendon halfway through 2010 and spent 2011 trying to get it back in shape. I went to doctors, went through an insanely painful therapy that didn’t do a damn thing to make it better, and have been wearing tennis shoes to work for the last six months (this is *not* a good look). The good news is that in the last couple of weeks, the tendon is significantly better, and I’m hoping to get to exercise in 2012.

2. Don’t over-commit. I want to do everything for everyone, so I say yes too often. I’ve done so much better on this in 2011! I just hope it didn’t seem like I was being less generous than I was before.

3. Drink more. Water! What this hope really translates to is cutting down (and then out) on diet soda. Yeah, I totally bombed on this one. I did pretty well through about March or April. But, I’m drinking just as much soda now as I did at the end of 2010. Obviously, I’ll be working on this again in 2012.

4. Budget. We did pretty well budget-wise this year. And when I say, “we” I really mean William. Or at least William helping me stay accountable. I definitely will be trying to perfect this in 2012.

5. Give. I wanted to become a more strategic giver in 2011, but that didn’t really happen. I suppose I just like to be able to give when it strikes me. That’s not a bad thing, but it can be bad for the budget.

6. Get green. We do a few things that are green, but I know we could be doing more as a family. We started to do a few more small things in this area. Like not getting as many items at the store that have a ton of packaging. More to do, but we’ve made a good start.

7. Follow directions. Specifically, medical directions. I tend to forget to take medication, and it’s something that I hope to do better with this year. This one was slightly better than at the end of 2010, but still not perfect. In fact, I think I forgot some medicine this morning…

8. Scrapbook. I didn’t make more time for this. I did get super organized though. So maybe the scrapbooking will come?

9. Write. I want to write more. I wrote more, and more consistently, earlier in the year but it tapered off. I’ll call this halfway accomplished.

10. Remove distractions. I have anxiety issues that tend to come out in my awareness of clutter and being incredibly bothered by it. I was a decluttering machine this year! Seriously, I did some heavy-duty organizing in 2011. I still have more to do, but I’m on it!

11. Okay, I have a bonus hope. I hope that my incredibly smart and talented husband finds his dream job. Because he is awesome and any company or organization would be lucky to have him as part of their team. So, William didn’t find his dream job, but he did start working. Unfortunately, he’s far away during the week, but we’re both happy he’s getting more work on his resume (and another paycheck into our budget).

That’s my list. I got something done in each of the wishes, so I’m pretty happy with it. Some progress is better than none.

Did you have resolutions for 2011? If so, how did you do?

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