I Assume…

I assume that…

  • people who are driving erratically or too fast around a hospital are trying to get there before it’s too late
  • black trash bags on the side of the road have dead bodies in them (probably human)
  • people who drive too fast in a parking lot or parking garage are jerks who don’t care if they kill someone
  • you’ll like the same music I like
  • I will cry when StoryCorp comes on Morning Edition
  • I will fall asleep trying to get  T to fall asleep
  • people who have nice things (cars, clothes, phones, etc.) and are also getting some kind of help (food stamps, food bank meals, etc.) have either just lost a job or have those things because someone gifted them
  • people are honest, nice and loyal until they aren’t
  • I will not be the only one who dances, no matter where they are, when pretty much any song from the 80s comes on

So…what thoughts pop into your head…whether they make sense or not?

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