Scrapbook Saturday: N’s 5th Book Done

I’m so excited! I’ve finally finished N’s 5th book (from June 2009 to June 2010). I’m particularly glad because it brings me up-to-date to start a family Project Life for 2010. Excuse the slices of yard you see next to and above the layouts, but that’s what happens when you don’t get any natural light in your home and you have to put the layouts on your toddler’s high chair on the front stoop. I guess. Here are a few of my favorites of the bunch I finished last week!


I love his face in this picture. And you will notice how very short his hair is in many months’ worth of layouts.


Pumpkin Carving


Spiderman 2 (this was the second year N wanted to be Spiderman, but he wanted to be the “bad” one. I used the collage function from Walgreens to get a lot of pictures on the page).

It’s pretty rare to catch N asleep in a room with light, so I had to snap the picture. I was excited to use several “Z”s from different packages.

Game Boy. This may be one of my favorite pictures of N ever. He was so engrossed in the computer. I was happy to come across the chipboard snowflakes that went so well with the design on the paper!


Finally. One of my favorite hospital pictures 🙂


Big Brother.


Happy Mimi (W’s mom). I really like to use “girl” colors when I can. I used beads on the center of some of the flowers for a little sparkle.




Now I’m ready to work on T’s first book! Gulp.





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  1. Hi There!

    Came to find you via the Blissdom link up. Nice to meet you! I really need to get back to scrapbooking. It’s my sole crafty talent! I love it when my now grown kids pull the albums off the shelf and walk down memory lane together.

    1. Beth, Thanks so much for coming by! I’m very excited for my first Blissdom and hope we get to meet! I do a couple of other crafty things, but scrapbooking is my main squeeze. I can’t wait to see my kids looking at the books as adults!

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