Conversation With A Fortune Teller

William and I went to a super fun event recently and one of the perks was a brief chat with a fortune teller. Or is it palm reader? I don’t know what she called herself. Regardless, I sat in a dimly lit alcove with a mystical stranger and she read my palm. It’s possible I was slightly toasted. Because the Appletinis were wicked strong and they were the first drinks I’d had since being pregnant with Tobin (that’s three years, y’all). Anyway. My friend, the Fortune Teller, talked with me about three parts of the lines on my hand. Imagination, Romance, and Career.

I know you’ll all be shocked to know that my friend, the Palm Reader, told me I have a strong imagination. Which might explain why I was so excited to hang out with a PalmReaderFortuneTeller.

The she shocked me with was my romance line. I expected her to say something about a long line and a wonderful life (did I mention that William was standing right next to me?) Instead she said that my love/romance line was, in fact, long; but, that the beginning of it was hard. That I’d loved strongly but it had been a bumpy, difficult road. And that now? I am on a strong, straight, solid road. I may have teared up, and not just because of the alcohol.

The last line my new best friend looked at was my career line. She said a big decision was coming up and that I’d have to choose soon. Does that mean William will get another position (one in his field) soon and I’ll have to move on my my current (amazing) work? I may have to track down this lady for more clarification.

So,  have you ever had your palm read or fortune told? Was it accurate? Was it a little creepy?

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