Easter Tradition: Making An Easter Egg Tree

My Mom did Easter decorating right. On Easter morning we woke to find our big dining table turned into a spring wonderland. Our baskets were full of goodies and maybe a couple of toys, the table was covered with a pretty white table cloth, crotchet bunnies made by my Grandmother dotted the table, and in the center of the table was the Easter Egg Tree.

I loved the Easter Egg Tree. Mom would let me help to empty raw eggs so we could dye the eggs and put ribbon on one end. The tree was simple, just a branch in a pretty container with our eggs on it. But the tree, surrounded by all the other Easter stuff? Magic. I loved it.

Even though we don’t really have a place to put it in our small apartment, I thought I’d make an Easter Egg Tree. It was really simple and doesn’t take too many supplies.

Supply list:

  • 1 Smallish Tree Branch (with as many little branches as you need/want to hang eggs),
  • 1 squirt of acrylic paint (if you want to paint your branch),
  • a sponge paintbrush
  • 1 small block of florist foam (big enough to stick the branch into without it falling over),
  • a container for the foam and branch (I used a small silver bucket I already had),
  • Easter eggs for hanging (mine are styrofoam eggs I bought at the hospital gift shop, but you could make real ones if you’re ambitious),
  • enough Easter grass to hide the foam around the tree.

My friend, Linda, brought me the branch and after de-thorning it (it was mesquite), I dabbed yellow paint on it. I wanted it to look rustic, so I didn’t coat the branch too thickly. If you want it to be a more solid color let the paint dry between coats and keep painting until you’re happy with the color.

Before the paint:

After the paint:

Foam in the bucket, branch in the foam, magazine pages wedged between bucket & foam for stability.

Hang the eggs on the tree, put extra on the grass, add a little bird friend and you’re done!

I hadn’t thought about my Mom’s Easter Egg Tree in years. Then, last month at BlissDom, some fabulous folks from Hershey’s had a fantastic booth. Attendees got to choose an Easter basket and some awesome goodies and then it was shipped to our homes. Y’all, this was a seriously fun booth. We got our basket the other day and meant to keep all the goodies for Easter. That didn’t happen, but we enjoyed them while they lasted! You can check out some cool tips and read about other family’s Easter traditions on the Hershey site’s Easter section.

Fabulous Easter Basket from Hershey’s


What is your favorite Easter tradition?

*This is not a sponsored post, but the lovely Easter basket was sent to BlissDom attendees at no cost to us. Because Hershey’s is sweet. Get it? Sweet. Heh.

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  1. I remember blowing the insides out of eggs. My Mom found these decorating sheets that fit loosely over the eggs, which you then boiled in water to set. It was fairly easy, and they came out professional looking. We sold most of them door-to-door. My sister was a born salesperson.

    1. That’s funny. I totally faked it this year with the store-bought eggs, but maybe I’ll be ambitious next year and do them from scratch. I probably won’t sell them though 🙂

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