Resolutions 2012: Clean In-Box

I’m checking in on my New Year Resolutions for 2012. I’ve finished a couple of the resolutions on my list! The easiest ones. I just finished cleaning up my email in boxes. I not only read through emails, but I also organized them into subject folders. I know, I’m a wild woman. Even more stress-relieving is that I did that to my work emails AND my personal email accounts. Who am I?

Here is my list of New Year Resolutions:

  1. Nicholas’ closet,
  2. Our closet,
  3. My scrapbooking area,
  4. Kitchen pantry,
  5. Laundry area,
  6. Hall closet,
  7. Storage unit,
  8. Linen closet,
  9. Email (I have more than 700 unopened emails sitting in my inbox),
  10. Finances,
  11. Calendars (editorial and exercise),
  12. Chore chart, and
  13. Photos

How are you doing? Have you made much progress on your goals and resolutions for the year?

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