Conversations With Tobin: Mommy Happy Edition

I don’t get many chances to snuggle with Nicholas alone any more. Between time getting away from us and Tobin wanting to be with him no matter what, N and I don’t get to chill out together much. The other day I got up before everyone else and managed to avoid waking Tobin. I snuck in to Nicholas’ room and snuggled into bed with him. We got to snuggle and talk. He whispered about his day, we told each other we loved the other, I told him how lucky I felt to be his mom. Then we heard Tobin coming. I love that Nicholas was excited that Tobin was coming. Tobin made it in to the room, scrambled on to the bed, and snuggled between Nicholas and me. Nicholas rolled over so he could put his arm around Tobin too. I turned over and looked at my boys in the mostly-dark room. I said, “This makes Mommy so happy.”

Tobin smiled and said, “Mommy happy?”

Yes. Mommy very happy.

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