Fitness Friday: Week Four

This was a hard week. I had a really stressful work week and I used that as an excuse to eat three different times when I wasn’t hungry. I know that doesn’t sound like that huge a deal, but it was. I mean, the whole point of this program is to only eat when you’re hungry. So… blech. But, I’m in it for the long haul, right? I will continue to work on making myself as healthy as possible.


  • A gallon of H2Orange every day this week.
  • I walked twice this week for 30 minutes or so each time.
  • I hit almost 10,000 steps once this week!
  • Weight: I lost a couple of ounces, but after the week I had I’m just happy not to have gained. (10.2 pounds lost in the program, 21 pounds lost since August)
  • Inches: I lost another inch. I gained in some places, but lost in others, so it averaged out to another inch. (19 inches lost total)



  • Stress eating. I had hoped that I would react better to stress than I did, but I didn’t. It’s something I’m going to have to work on, obviously.
  • I wanted to exercise a lot more than I was able. My heel is just killing me and really restricting how much physical activity I can accomplish.
  • Stress eating. It was such a challenge this week, it gets two bullets.

So, how was your week?

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