What’s In It For Me? Or Why I Have A Blog

When I was getting ready for BlissDom ’12, one of the many questions that came up was what my blog was about. There are people who write on blogs who have very specific niches, and some, like me, who don’t (although I have more of a niche than a lot of people). I have a little blog, I don’t have advertising, I haven’t done any sponsored writing, and the giveaways I’ve done have been wonderful things from friends. I think all of those things are fine, I just haven’t done them.

The other version of “what is your blog about” is what my goal is for my blog. Perhaps because I’m not selling anything or supporting my family with revenue from my blog, I answer, “to have a place to write.” That’s what I want from my blog. If the stories or posts touch someone, then I’m good. If they don’t? And only my mom has seen the post? Then I’m good there too. I feel better in my mind and my spirit when I’ve gotten some words down on paper or screen. One of the things I loved about BlissDom was finding other writers who still use their blogs as a place to write (whether they made money from their blogs or not). I was glad to find that I wasn’t the only one without a big ol’ goal for my blog.

Do you have a creative outlet? Write, craft, sing, dance? Why do you do it? What’s in it for you?

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  1. Good on you! I have had quite a few clients who do just that…just write. I’m one of those who can’t write a lick. I type how I talk, and it’s awkward and clumsy…sometimes I get my point across 🙂

    1. Deanna! Thanks for coming by :). I write like I talk too, definitely a folksy writer. Also? I like your writing, and it’s not at all awkward or clumsy.

  2. I started blogging on LiveJournal where it really was about finding like-minded people & creating a community. I think many people have lost their way. I don’t read blogs because I want to be sold something. That isn’t what it is all about.

    1. I like to be told a story or to be taught something or to connect with someone. I might be more tempted to do all the other stuff if I were trying to make a living from it, but I’m not. I’m glad it’s still a hobby/outlet for me, so much less pressure!

  3. Same thing for me Sherry! I started my blog at a time in my career where I’d gotten away from writing for work and I wanted a way to “stay in shape.” Plus, you always hear that the way to become a better writer is to write. So, I embarked on blogging with no particular agenda, no desire to build it into a revenue source and no schedule of how often to post. That said, I enjoy being an early adopter, so often the topics tend to trend toward things I’m checking out in social media and, a few years ago, virtual worlds. I’ve been through floods and droughts in my motivation to keep it going, but it’s always nice to know that outlet is there. ~LPT

    1. Thanks for stopping by LPT! Someday my blog might change, but I’m happy with my little piece of the Internet the way it is right now. I’m glad the internet introduced me to you!

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