Fitness Friday: Week Eight…Run Over By The Wagon

I haven’t just fallen off the wagon, I’ve been run over by the wagon. I went out of town for work this week, and it’s safe to say there was a little bit of crazy happening for me in the food department. More than a little bit. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw every bit of food I ate over the last three days. And it tasted so very good.

But I’m back in the office and home now. Let the detox and climbing back on the wagon begin!


  • Umm, I didn’t actually bathe in the bourbon sauce from the bread pudding?
  • Weight…I maintained at 278. Which, to me, means that my body is giving me a second (or eighth) chance to get it right this week.
  • Inches…I also maintained here (I lost a bit in the waist, but gained a bit in the belly, so it’s a wash).


I had wondered since I started the program how I would do when I went out of town and it wasn’t so easy to drink my H2Orange and regulate my food. Now I know. So I guess it’s both a challenge and a success?

How was your week?

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    1. Thanks :). It was the best bread pudding I’ve had since moving back to Texas from Pensacola. So. Very. Good.

  1. we slip up, we are human. Don’t beat yourself up about it just get back to it. You can do it!

  2. I do follow you in Instagram and was wondering if you were going to post about all that delicious food I was seeing. Glad you were able to maintain!!

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