Nicholas The Nature Photographer

Nicholas, Tobin and I took a walk to our neighborhood park last weekend to give William some uninterrupted study time. Nicholas has been noticing a lot about nature lately, pointing out interesting plants, talking about cool trees, noticing pretty flowers. I had my camera with me and was snapping pictures of the boys playing and Nicholas wanted to take pictures too. But he wanted to take pictures of the trees they were climbing and the grass they were stomping on. Then he got bored…because he needed more.

He handed me my phone and said, “I’ll take more pictures on the way home when we go by all the plants. I want to take pictures of life.”

Pictures of life, you guys.

So, on the way home? He took pictures of life. He reminded me of my friends getting on the floor or the ground for the perfect shot. The boy was steadying the phone, was crawling in close, was really getting in to it. And the pictures were awesome. I’m so proud of my little photographer.

Photographic evidence of Nicholas’ mad photo-taking skills.

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    1. Deanna~It was really fascinating to watch him! He mimicked ya’ll’s moves like a pro. And he definitely will do anything for a good shot!

    1. Lotus~As we were taking the walk, I told him, “Hey, buddy, it’s like we’re on a Photo Walk of our neighborhood.” He loved it!

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