Eighty-Five Amazing Years

My Grandmother turned 85 in May. She is smart, funny, kind, honest and beautiful. The woman is the strongest person I’ve ever met and her grandkids would do just about anything to make her proud. My Grandma married the love of her life as a teenager, lived as a war-time Navy Wife, raised her children in what we would now call solo parenting because my Grandfather’s ship was out so much of their marriage, went from a tiny town in Texas to live all over the country and Cuba just before Castro’s revolution, and settled back into a small town when her husband retired. Just after he died too soon, I moved in with her and lived with her for almost a decade until I went away to college. She was exactly what I needed and I attribute a lot of who I am to watching her and learning by example. I am so blessed that she is my Grandmother and that the world has had her for 85 years, so far. Happy Birthday, Grandma!


Grandma at 19


Grandma and Grandpa
Grandma, Nicholas and Tobin (May 2012)

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