Science The Rat and Nicholas

Science the Rat joined our family in October 2011. We had just watched an episode of Adventure Time, and Science the Rat is one of the characters (he’s super smart and saves all the kingdom from zombiehood). I was in the gift shop at the hospital and there were a bunch of little stuffed animals in a Halloween theme (witch rats, pumpkin rats, etc.) Well, Science the Rat is a rat made of candy corn so when I saw the candy corn rat, I had to get him.

Science the Rat goes everywhere with Nicholas. Nicholas says that Science is like one of the family. Recently, we took family photos and Science was in them. Nicholas has always been a kid who liked to have something in his hands. For several years, when he was a toddler, he almost always had some kind of vehicle in his hands. Right this second, it’s Science.

I don’t mind Science, he’s small and quiet. I wonder how long he’ll be with us…he’s getting awfully dirty. I dread the day when Science either has to be retired or gets lost. Nicholas won’t freak out, because he’s too old for that, but he will be sad.

Science The Rat and Nicholas

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