Tobin The Unintentional Vegetarian

For several months, Tobin has been in a phase where he doesn’t love meat. The boy can find the meat in any meal, it’s actually pretty impressive. Casserole with meat in it? He’ll eat every bite…and leave neat piles of meat on the plate. Chicken, beef, fish, pork, it doesn’t really matter. He seems to dislike them all equally.

We make sure he gets protein other ways and he’ll eat vegetables like they are going out of style, but it’s a pretty big deal if he eats meat.

The funniest vegetarian moment so far has been when I served pasta with meatballs. These are good meatballs y’all. He took each piece of meatball out of the bowl and set them neatly to the side. He ate every bit of the pasta finishing off by tipping the bowl up and sucking down the last of the sauce. He then picked up each piece of meatball, sucked the sauce off of it, and placed it back in the bowl.

Photographic evidence of the Meatball Sucking Incident…



















What’s the weirdest food phase you have seen?

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  1. When I was a kid I didn’t enjoy eating meat much. If my mom prepared a meaty dish I drowned it in ketchup so I couldn’t taste the meat. Lo and behold I became a vegetarian as an adult. I just never liked meat much!

    Have a great day!


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