William Makes Father’s Day

Father’s Day wasn’t, traditionally, a big holiday for me. I haven’t seen or spoken to my own father since I was 11. My wonderful Uncle David served as a surrogate father throughout my life, but I always knew he was borrowed from my cousin, Heather (although neither of them ever made me feel that way). Mark’s Dad got Father’s Day cards and meals from us, but Mark only got one of the special days before he died.

Then I got William. And I really understood how Father’s Day can be a big deal. I am so amazed every day when I see the interaction of William and our boys. He’s everything I would have asked for in a father for my children. And there is no difference in the boys, even though one is biological and the other not.

Yesterday, Nicholas wrote his new last name for the first time, and it was to sign Williams’ Father’s Day card. It was perfect.


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