Birthday Party Fun ~ Adventure Time Style!

For Nicholas’ recent 7th birthday party, he chose an Adventure Time theme. We love Adventure Time in our home…and it’s possible that we watch it even if the boys aren’t home. For the first time, we had a birthday party someplace other than a relative’s home, so I knew there wouldn’t be too much in the way of party decorations. But, I wanted to have something that was Adventure Time, so I did a quick birthday party invitation featuring Finn and a goody bag featuring Jake.

Thankfully, Finn and Jake are easy characters to draw!

Finn The Human Invitations
I used pre-made cards and envelopes from Hobby Lobby. I try to keep these cards around because they are so versatile, and for $6.00 for 50 of them, they are inexpensive too. I kept it simple, drawing Finn with a black Sharpie and coloring him in with Crayola colors. I hand printed the lettering on the outside and inside. I love simple!


Finn The Human wants to party with you!
















Jake The Dog Goody Bags
I wanted the goody bags to look a little like Jake when they were filled, so I found some goldenrod-colored bags at Party City. Again, keeping it simple, I drew Jake’s face with Sharpie and colored him with markers. Then I made color copies, cut them out, and used double-sided tape to stick Jake’s face to the bags. The kids thought they were pretty cute, so I was happy! Since so much candy is involved in the cartoon, I had gummy bears, bubble gum and Hershey’s Kisses to fill the goody bags.

Jake The Dog full of goodies!










We have a very talented baker and decorator in town and she made her first-ever Adventure Time cake for the party. As always, her cake was super cute and really delicious!

Adventure Time in cake form!

I would love to hear your take on an Adventure Time party!


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  1. Very clever idea! Your cake is so detailed with the gel; I get too nervous to detail with cake gel because I’m so afraid I will mess up! haha 🙂 We would love to invite you to join us on Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! I know my readers will love all your kid friendly ideas! Have a great weekend!
    Mackenzie 🙂

    1. Mackenzie~I loved the cake too, but can’t take credit. I use an awesome baker for the cakes. I love to bake and can do basic stuff, but it’s one of the ways I let go of a bit of stress at party time :). I’ll check out your site and thanks for the invitation!

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