Fitness Friday Week 18: Weight-Loss Challenge

Oh, hi! How are you? I know you probably think I gave up on this fitness and health thing, but I haven’t! In fact, William and I have just begun a little weight-loss challenge of our own. We both have significant amounts of weight to lose (although mine is more significant than his), so I thought it would be fun to compete. We started our competition at the beginning of this week and the challenge is for 12 weeks. Whoever loses the biggest percentage of weight at the end of the 12 weeks wins a prize of their choice. My prize is the full series of The West Wing and William’s is a pair of boots.

I really want those DVDs.

Other big changes include finishing up the prescription steroids I had taken for a month and my knee hurting again because I stopped doing my rehab exercises. The first is good, the second is bad.

Sherry’s stats this week:

Weight: Down 2 pounds for a total of 14 pounds in the last 18 weeks!

Inches: I’m up 2 inches from last week, but still down 25.5 inches in the last 18 weeks!

Slowly but surely!


William’s stats for this week:

Weight: Down 2 pounds this week!


How is your healthy living going? What were your successes and challenges this week?


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  1. This is a good idea. I stopped by from Hormonal Imbalances. I could challenge my husband. He just commented this week that he’s controlling his eating and the weight isn’t coming off like it used to. I would choose Downton Abbey to be reward.

    Two pounds is great. It’s what the doctor likes, too.

    1. Maggie~Thanks so much for stopping by! My husband loses a lot faster than I do, but we have the same challenges when it comes to sweets, so it’s kind of even :). Downton Abbey would be a great reward!

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