Going Greener With Garnier

A few weeks ago, my friend and fellow blogger, Rachel invited some friends to check out the first stop in Garnier’s Greener Tour. I’m so glad I was able to attend the event, that the event was in my neck of the woods, and that I got this new moisturizer (more on that in a minute)! We don’t normally have big brands visit our little city (and definitely don’t have them in the little off-shoot of the little city where I live), so when Rachel invited me to the event, I was super excited.

The first stop on this summer’s Garnier Greener Tour was Corpus Christi.

The multi-city tour is designed to inform men and women about the recyclability of cosmetic packaging, encourage them to think differently about waste, and teach simple ways to have a positive impact on the environment. The tour bus will feature:

  • TerraCycle collection bins to encourage people to recycle empty personal care and beauty items
  • TerraCycle representative on site to educate on recycling and upcycling
  • Garnier samples and other goodies
  • Garnier styling stations
  • Interactive bottle toss game

I already use Garnier products for my hair including the shampoo, conditioner, and styling product; but, I wasn’t familiar with the skin-care products. One of the items I got at the event was this amazing moisturizer called Moisture Rescue. Y’all, I love this stuff! I am not a big fan of moisturizer at night because I don’t like the heavy feeling, but this gel is so light-weight and soaks right in to your skin! And a little goes a long way. Moisture Rescue will be in my cabinet from now on.

I also learned about the wrinkle minimizing products and other eye products and I’m using a couple of them now. I don’t have a ton of wrinkles, but they are starting, so I want to head them off at the pass! I’ll report back when I have been using them for a while.

In addition to all of the cool products (and super-cute cupcakes) in the big ol’ bus, Garnier’s partner TerraCycle was on hand to recycle and teach. I love this initiative, and you can read more about it on their site.

What is your favorite Garnier product?


*For RSVPing to Rachel’s event, I got a lovely bag of products (including the Moisture Rescue). I was not asked to review the products, but it’s easy to share good thoughts on good products!

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    1. I’m also loving their cleanser that has the scrubber brush on the end. The bristles are soft rubber and I love how it makes my face feel when I’ve used it.

  1. My favorite Garnier product is Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-in Conditioning Cream.

    Many years ago I learned that a cocktail of two parts creamy leave-in conditioner + one part styling gel was a great solution for amazing curls. And, so far, the only creamy conditioner that my hair likes is the Fructis one. (For my hair, as long as the leave-in is Frustins, any hair gel will do.) I just transfer both products to similar pump bottles each, so the amounts are as similar as possible every time.

    Now they reformulated it adding Argan oil, what makes it even better! And the best part: it is so inexpensive!

    1. Zaira,

      Thanks for stopping by! I haven’t tried the leave-in conditioning cream yet. I got the Argan Oil in my gift back, but haven’t tried it yet. It smells great, though, so I can’t wait to use it.

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