Summer of Essie

I really like nail polish. A lot. It always fits and makes me feel a little more put together than I would without it. I’d always been pretty loyal to one brand of polish but then I met Essie. Essie’s packaging caught my eye, that sweet little rounded rectangle…and all those pretty colors? Love them. I became obsessed bought a few bottles and have been hooked since.

Recently, I was lucky enough to get a sampler pack of Essie’s Summer collection nail polishes.* I love these colors so much! Usually, when I have my fingers painted, it’s with Sand Tropez because it’s a nice neutral color and looks professional. It’s also a light enough color that if it chips it’s not super noticeable. But, when I got the Summer collection from Essie, I branched out. Some of my favorites are Mojito Madness, Turquoise and Caicos, and Off The Shoulder. The Off The Shoulder was a surprise to me as I don’t usually do lighter pinks, but this one is such a pretty shade. I have used the colors on my fingers and toes and love them on both.

Even I haven’t had a chance to use all the polish, but the summer has been a lot brighter and shinier so far!

Do you have a favorite Essie color? What shade should I try next?

*I was not financially compensated for my review of the awesome Essie product, but did get the Essie Summer Collection at no cost. Thanks Essie!

Photographic evidence of the Summer of Essie Awesomeness!

Essie Goodness!

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  1. How funny. I won three Essie colors in a Pinterest contest. They are the Lands’ End summer colors. I haven’t tried them yet. I am not very good at painting my nails.

    1. Oh, I haven’t seen the Land’s End colors! I’ll have to check them out. I’m sure you’ll love the polish 🙂

  2. Those colors are just gorgeous. I’ve had dreams where I was given a room full of makeup. Not kidding. You’re living my dream, Sherry. 🙂

    1. I’ve had the same dream! I’ve also had the dream about hair products. I wonder if there is something wrong with us?

  3. I have a new obsession with Gelish nail color that I get at Sally’s beauty supply. It doesn’t chip and for me that is huge because no matter what I put on my nails it chipped after a day or so. But I do love the Essie colors.

    1. Heather~I saw you post a picture the other day. I will have to check them out! I try not to go in to Sally’s often…because I want everything.

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