Conversations With Nicholas: Parenting Advice Edition

William and I alternate nights for taking the boys to sleep. William is much faster than I am, but I get better snuggles. Recently, Nicholas was really tired and wanted Tobin to go to sleep (like, Daddy fast), and he didn’t think I was doing a great job getting T to be quiet. And so, the following conversation took place:

Nicholas: Mommy, Tobin really needs to go to sleep.

Me: I know, babe, but he’s not settling down very quickly, is he?

N: Mom. You have to be like Dad, and get physical with Tobin. Wait. Not physical. FIRM! You have to be firm with Tobin.

Me: <relieved that William isn’t getting physical with the boys to get them to sleep and trying not to laugh at N’s tone> What do you mean “firm”?

N: Well, your voice has to be sort of mad. Like you’re about to yell, but not quite. You know, firm.

Me: Right, got it.

<a few minutes later…after T won’t lay back down…>

N: Mom. Firm.

Me: Nicholas, my love, let Mommy be the Mommy. You just roll over and got to sleep.

N: <sounding very disappointed> Okay. But I’ve told you how to get him to sleep.

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