Summer of The Nana

We don’t get to see my mom (Nana) very often. In fact, before she came to visit this summer, it had been two years since we had seen her. So, we take full advantage of our Nana time when we have her.

We didn’t do anything “big”. No big events, nothing super planned out. We just hung out with Nana. We made tie-dyed shirts for everyone, we went to see Brave (Nana’s first time in a movie theater since Crocodile Dundee!), we went swimming. And the boys and I loved every minute. I’m pretty sure Nana did too.

Now to make sure it’s not another two years before we see her again!

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  1. I love it sweetheart. Thank you for 2 of the best weeks I have ever had. The time flew by so fast, more like 2 days! It was crammed full of love, fun and happiness. Is it time for me to come back yet?

  2. Oh yeah…lucky you and the others in the pool. You got to see me in the pretty bathing suit you gave me. That’s something the world hasn’t seen in about 25 yrs! Hope none of them suffered night terrors!!! bwahahaha

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