Swimming Olympic Gold in 2024

Nicholas will be swimming for Team USA in the Summer Olympics in 2024. Because he had his first swim lessons this summer and is now not afraid to get his face wet. This might not sound like the Road To Gold, but when the boy was convinced that he was going to drown every time he got near water, this is a huge first step. Seriously, though? I just don’t want Nicholas to be terrified of the water and I want him to be safe around water. I waited this long to get lessons for Nicholas for a lot of reasons; but, everything finally came together for lessons this summer.

Because of N’s fear of the water, I thought the distraction of other kids in a group and the divided attention of a teacher wouldn’t help as much, so we went with private lessons. I’m so glad we did, because his awesome teacher, Heather, spent the first two lessons just trying to get N to get his face wet. I don’t think that would have been possible with four other kids in a group. Well, I’m sure his face would have gotten wet, but not because *he* got it wet.

Even with the one-on-one attention, Nicholas was pretty resistant the first few lessons. The breakthrough came when William took N to our apartment complex pool and dunked him a few times while they were playing. After they got back to the apartment, N told William, “I’m glad you make me do things I’m scared of doing. That wasn’t so bad.” And then my heart melted.

After the Dad-enforced dunking, Nicholas did so much better during the lessons. After 12 lessons, the boy who was completely freaked out to have a drop of water touch his face was kicking off the wall with his face down in the water. He could even doggie paddle about four feet out to Heather. I’m guessing all Olympic greats start with the doggie paddle. USA! USA!

Swim Lessons Rock!


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  1. Way to go Nicholas!! Nana is so proud of you. I knew you could do it!! Watching you swim with Heather made me so happy! We had so much fun in the pool when we went swimming. I was so glad that you trusted me to come to me, in the Deep end! Keep up the good job. Now you, Tobin, Mom and Dad can play more in the pool. Have fun my big man. We love you.

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