Fitness Friday: Identifying My Vital Needs

Remember when I talked with you about digging up my mental dirt? I’ve been digging, and I’m covered in it. Dirt I mean. Or something. It’s possible I’m trying too hard to fit the metaphor in to the opening paragraph of this post.


I’m getting back to working on the physical part of my fitness too (in addition to the brain part of the whole deal). Part of the program I’m doing has a component to help deal with emotional eating, and it’s identifying your vital needs. Basically, your vital needs are a set of things that are important to you, that, if not met will have you turning to food to fill the holes. If you’ve ever had disordered eating and been an emotional eater, you’ll get that completely. It’s a slow process, figuring out what your vital needs are, but I think I’m mostly there.

Between figuring out my vital needs and working with the counselor, I will get a handle on this thing. I hope you’ll be there with me when I do!

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