Fitness Friday: Juicing and Vegetarian…Maybe

This weekend we got to hang out with some of my favorite people, my two sisters-in-law. They are both significantly healthier than I am, especially A who is a Marine. Anyway, as always happens when we’re around them, we started talking about health and fitness. A is worried about me…something about wanting me to live a long time or something…so she has been trying to nudge me gently in the direction of better health. Lately I’ve been doing research on different ways to lose weight and get healthy, including bariatric surgery. But, I think I’m going to put that option on hold, but knowing it’s always an option. Anyway, like everyone else in the world, I’ve been hearing a lot of my friends talk about juicing. A and her husband drink a lot of juice and swear by it. My other sister-in-law, J, did a juice kick when she was trying to lose a few pounds for her sister’s wedding.

So, we talked about juice a lot this weekend. A lot. And then, we watched Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I don’t know if I’m fully on board with becoming a vegetarian or even vegan, but these movies do a pretty good job of convincing. William and I are talking about the options and the strategy.

Are you vegetarian? Do you juice? I would love to hear your tips!

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  1. The deal is you don’t know what works for you until you try it. And you don’t know what you can do for extended periods of time until you give it a long time to try out. YOU ALSO can take baby steps. You can juice some and cut red meat, or just eat fish, or double your daily intake of veggies and fruits (since broccoli and apples never made anyone fat, right?). You should not worry so much about prepping for some big dive into anything and dont worry about doing anything right or wrong. Just dabble and find what works. We were on a LONG journey that culminated in our going vegetarian, which is easier than vegan. We are comfy here, and technically are not ENTIRELY vegetarian since we aren’t anal about it. For instance, I won’t NOT have beans out, knowing they are most often made with meat, but if I want beans, I’m getting beans. Also, we have fish every once in a blue moon. The kids have it as much as they would like, but I don’t enjoy it as much as before and have it more rarely. When I do I eat far less than before. I had cut back on meat a ton because I was trying to eat cleaner (chemicals/hormones/antibiotic elimination, cut back on processed, etc long before dropping meat). I got used to eating less and then the idea of dropping it STILL seemed nuts in ways. But here we are. Just don’t worry too much about what approach to take and just start eliminating things you know you shouldn’t be eating. Burgers bought out probably are poor choices because cheaper meats are used…bad quality, not farm raised/freerange/hormone free, etc. baked salmon? better choice. good fat and without the tempting side of fries. 🙂 It is just a matter of making steps every meal to work toward whatever goal you have in mind. I haven’t juiced mostly because I don’t have the hardware and have no desire to drink my calories. I enjoy eating far too much. I do indulge in a juice from a juicebar from time to time, but i like to eat way more than drink. 🙂 Plus it seems like such a waste of food in general. and you lose the fiber and other elements of the fruit that fill me up. and the sugar is more intensified….so its not something I think would actually work into my lifestyle. I know it works for many, but I am all about the chew! GOOD LUCK and start giving things a try on and see whats a good fit.

    1. Cristina~I love this comment! You’re thoughts are exactly the same as mine. As I told William, every step we take, whether it’s adding more vegetables or eating whole foods, is going to be exponentially more healthy than now. I’m going to be picking your brain as we go along!

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