Resolution 2012: Organized Storage Unit

We have a small apartment, so we also have a storage unit. As they tend to do, our storage unit became a catch-all for stuff. Boxes of stuff. All that stuff made me anxious, so one of my New Year Resolutions for 2012 was to organize the storage unit so that it was move-out ready. For when we move when someone is smart enough to hire my amazing husband. It may not look it from the “before” picture, but cleaning out and organizing the storage unit took an entire day. I took advantage of my Mom’s visit in July to tackle the storage (while she tackled the kids). I went through every box in the place and now know, more or less, what everything is and where it will go. When we move.

Here is my list of New Year Resolutions (and progress so far):

  1. Nicholas’ closet,
  2. Our closet,
  3. My scrapbooking area,
  4. Kitchen pantry,
  5. Laundry area,
  6. Hall closet,
  7. Storage unit,
  8. Linen closet,
  9. Email (I have more than 700 unopened emails sitting in my inbox),
  10. Finances,
  11. Calendars (editorial and exercise),
  12. Chore chart, and
  13. Photos

How are your goals/New Year Resolutions going?

Photographic Evidence of Organized Storage:




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