Getting Our Halloween On!

This year is the first that N really wanted to do decorations for Halloween, and T got in on the act too. We don’t have much room for doing anything inside, but we did a few things on our little apartment porch. We didn’t do a lot, but we had fun doing the few things we did! Happy Halloween!



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    1. Kami~I wanted to do something with a pumpkin, but didn’t want to carve it since they rot so fast in the heat. So, googly eyes won! Plus, Nicholas liked sticking them on when I put the hot glue on the back 🙂

  1. Sherry that first wreath is AWESOME! We got a metal wreath for the front door and we glue different seasonal decorations onto magnets. But that’s outside, I love the inside one. We like the gel window deals but the dog eats those LOL. What fun ideas you have here. We do mainly indoor decorations too and this gives me ideas!

    1. Julie~Thanks! I already had the orange string/yarn, and I found the fuzzy yarn on sale, so with the spiders and the foam form, the whole thing probably cost around $8 to make. And, since there wasn’t any need for hot glue, my oldest got to help make it. Win-win!

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