Welcoming Lemmon

William and I are dog people and we want the boys to grow up with a dog. We each lost our previous dogs around the same time. William had had Walter for several years, and even though she wasn’t living with him at the  time she had to be put down, it was very hard for him when she died. She was supposed to be the ring bearer in our wedding. Walter (a Mastiff) got her name because when William brought her home, there was a Walter Matthau movie on, and they had the same jowls. I had had Brittany for 15 years, and we had to put her down after a series of strokes. It was especially hard to lose her because she had been Mark’s dog and it was a little like saying goodbye to him again.

So, William and I had been talking about wanting a dog for ourselves and the boys. We had done research on breeds, taken our living arrangements into consideration (no Mastiff in an apartment), and temperaments of breeds and their actions around kids. And that all, basically, went out the window when William and Nicholas saw some puppies being sold in the parking lot of a chicken restaurant last weekend. I drove over to see the puppies and was suckered in the second I saw the little fluff balls bouncing around the grass.

That’s how we got Lemmon (for Jack Lemmon, naturally). She’s a peeka poo, and the tiniest little thing ever. She’s so sweet and cuddly and sort-of housebroken. There have been accidents. Nicholas loves her and Tobin is warming up slowly (she likes to nip ankles, which is not T’s favorite thing). She’s so tiny she doesn’t even trigger the scale, so I’m not sure how much she weighs. Hopefully Lemmon will be with us a long, long time!

Lemmon Love!

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