Thanksgiving Wreaths

I saw a few wreaths last year that I knew I wanted to try my hand at for Thanksgiving decoration this year. Here are there stories. Duhn Duhn (like Law and Order…get it? no? okay then…)

Anyway… For the inside wreath, I kept it simple and used it to give our family a place to talk about gratitude throughout November.  I just took a Styrofoam form and wrapped it in chocolate brown yarn for the base. Then I cut out 30 or so leaves from brown and tan card stock and painted the edges with orange and yellow acrylic paint (because there was a lot of brown going on). After the paint was dry on the leaves, I attached all of them to the wreath using straight pins with yellow heads. I hung the wreath with a length of cream-colored tulle and I was done! We’ve been taking a leaf down every day and are using a white opaque pen to write the gratitude messages. I really like how it looks and I’ll be writing down everything we’re grateful for to include in this year’s scrapbook.

Gratitude Wreath


The wreath I wanted for outside was inspired by this pretty felt wreath I saw on Burlap and Blue. Again, I used a foam wreath for the base, some dark brown felt, lots of hot glue, ribbon, the other half of the cream-colored tulle from the first wreath, orange fabric for the bunting, orange ribbon and dental floss.


Then you thread the pretty ribbon through the little flags to cover up the floss and tie the ribbon to the wreath (I also hot glued the ribbon and floss to the back of wreath). With the wreath I made this spring, the bunting sagged and slid to the middle as soon as it had been outside for a day or so. With this one, I wanted the letters to stay where they were, hence the hot gluing to the dental floss.  I wanted to use the other half of the cream-colored tulle that I used with the first wreath to hang this one; but, I didn’t love how the color looked. So, I got more of the orange ribbon I used for the bunting, and threw a few pieces of it on top of the tulle. Problem solved!

Felt Thankfulness Wreath

I know this is the worst craft tutorial ever, but I hope it gives you some ideas or at least a couple of minutes of entertainment.

So, how are you decorating for Thanksgiving?

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  1. Good Morning sweetheart. I have decided I will go all out! I’m going to take a picture of each of your beautiful wreath’s. I will hang one on the wall and one on front door! Is that crafty or what? Love the blog!! Do this for Christmas too! Love to all Momma

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